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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off. just hours until hurricane irene slams the east coast. 65 million people in its path. the storm is expected to move up the east coast after raking across nagshead, north carolina. it is weakening, but it is still a men nis. -- menace. caitlin is there live with the story. caitlin? >> reporter: we have been seeing the outermost bands of the storm for a few hours in north carolina. and that brought with heavy rains at times and strong winds. we are experiencing some of those right now. also thunder, lightning and even tornados that have been spotted north of us. and we are under a tornado watch. all of this coming before i have seen the i wall of the storm even make land fall. as bad as things are, things are only getting worse.
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they were determined to write out the storm. >> overall most visitors and many residents on the outer banks did follow the evacuation orders. and that's good news as far as north carolina's governor is concerned. >> let me be very clear. this could still be a large and powerful storm. winds are approaching 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: irene is expected to cause serious damage along the outer banks. coastal communities could expect to see severe flooding, roads being washed out and damage resulting from strong, gusting winds. >> all of us have to take this storm seriously. you have to listen to your state and local officials and if you are given an evacuation order, please follow it. >> reporter: because of the size of this storm and its slow pace moving up the coast, it has seasoned hurricane veterans worried jie. they are talking about how it could be
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the hundred-year storm. it is a big storm. it is wide. and it is coming up the sound. there is not much to block it. >> reporter: residents are warning it could be a week to 10 days before they are allowed to return. and that's because the residents who have left they were issued re-entry tags. but they have to wait for the first responders to come back. even if this is only a category one, it is sure to knockout power for many here along the outer banks and not to mention from the coast, but a double whammy. it could get nasty even though the storm has decreased in strength. abc news, back to you. >> caitlin, the outer banks of north carolina of course very vulnerable to high water which can be more dangerous than the wind. how much flooding is expected where you are?
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>> reporter: they are already reporting at part of the outer banks. they are reporting flooding in many areas and that is after several hours after the preliminary winds. it will be slow and steady and it is already saturated. that is often the most deadly when we see storms like this. >> thanks very much. thanks very much. 2.3 million people are under a mandatory having wages order. for the fist -- for the first time it will be shut down because of weather. shows and casinos will go dark as well. and the president has cut his vacation short you. two mets games are postponed. the mets and the giants are
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going ahead with their pre-season game in new jersey, but the kickoff has moved to earlier in the afternoon. in washington, d.c. doctors alerted women due to give birth in the next few days to have hospital bags a little early. the drop in barometric pressure could cause a woman's water to break early, interestingly enough. and sandhya patel is watching this storm closely tracking it moment by moment. what is the latest? >> the latest is it is headed toward the carolina coastline and we are expecting landfall in eight hours. the storm is very powerful packing winds of 100 miles an hour. i want to show you the live doppler 7hd. you can see the bands of heavy rain just rotating in across north carolina. the eye of the storm is well off the coastline. sze tornado wach boxes from -- we have torn watch boxes and
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one tornado has been reported and there is potential for more. as we look at the reports, moderate rain being reported at cherry point. moderate rain right now, gusts to 45. it is expected to make landfall as a category one tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. expected to remain a category one as it makes landfall 7:00 a.m., the second landfall around new york. so still a very strong hurricane. the storm surge flooding and the biggest problem with this along with the wind, and of course the heavy rain. i will be back with the local forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. y gite mayors in 10 states have declared states of emergencies. and they say they will can -- cancel flights over the next few days. thomas romath is at san francisco international airport and live for us with that aspect of the story. >> hundreds of frustrated
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airline passengers couldn't get any information from the airlines on the phone rushed here to san francisco airport to find out if their east coast flights were canceled. now, many who thought they were either going to leave tonight or tomorrow found out the earliest they could leave is monday. if then. >> reporter: -- >> they came up from sydney and they arrived to wednesday night. >> now they are stranded at sfo and the flight was canceled. >> the computer board said it was canceled? >> we went on-line and it said canceled, and we couldn't get in touch with them. we spent an hour and a half on the phone jie. thisy have been in line for two and a half hours, and it is because of hurricane irene. she is responsible for 6,000 flight cancellations nationwide so far. east coast airports from washington to boston are all experiencing serious delays. irene is stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers. >> it will be very, very difficult the next few days.
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anyone planning to get a seat on any airline this weekend will have a tough time. >> this is a very busy summer travel weekend. it is another week away, and there are not a lot of extra seats on the planes right now. so there are three or four days of flights. >> people who need to get to the new york law school by monday. >> i am trying to find out when is the earliest i can get out. i was hoping maybe monday or tuesday we will find out. >> remember the aussies? they may get to new york after all. >> we may be able to get a flight to new york on monday morning at dallas if it doesn't get canceled. >> now, all five major airports in the new york area will be closed by noon tomorrow. two jetblue flights to new york to j.f.k. did manage to leave the bay area tonight, one from oakland and one from san jose in order to try to beat the noon deadline.
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now if you are planning air travel go to abc news .com. on the front page you will see information on flight delays and cancellations and also the latest status of hurricane irene. reporting live, thomas roman, channel 7 news. >> thanks very much. 36 firefighters from the -- from alameda are head together new york city area. they belong to the incident management team. they are responsible for coordinating the rescue personnel. but new york state needs to finalize the paperwork before the contingent candy part. but they are ready to go on a moment's notice. and the volunteers have departed and will coordinate any disaster relief effort. >> we have some going out with disaster assessment. we will figure out the damage. we have others whose specialty is logistics and warehousing and distributing goods and
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trying to get the large pallets of goods we have distributed among the areas. >> the red cross also tells us dozens of volunteers are heading back east if they are needed. they sent 200 relief vehicles, two-thirds is national fleet to that region ahead of hurricane irene. now, you can track the storm's path at get the storm's current position and wind speed by clicking on the eye of the storm there on our web page. moving on, a brushfire in yosemite national park has burned 3,000 acres. it was sparked after a motorhome caught fire near highway 140 near the sierra national forest, but it has not spread into yosemite itself. >> the dark canyon sky remains lit up by tall, orange flames. the fire lines continue to burn near the top of the merced canyon on friday evening. more than a thousand crews worked into the night and many
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taking a break at the indian flat picnic area. these firefighters did not wrest long. they quickly moved along to take a look at the flames overnight. their focus is protecting the homes and businesses. >> i think a lot of people still take them a longtime to get adjusted to the fact that something like this can happen on an annual basis. >> charles brought his son to this over look. their home is not in danger yet, but many of the friends have left their homes behind the flats. >> and that's a hard thing mentally to take. because it is scary. it is panic driven. it is all of these things that hit the emotions. >> friday afternoon most of the firefight came from overhead. helicopter offers the cold river had the water dropping on to the flames. they worked on building fire lines, about you the steep mountains limited their work. >> we were in the merced river canyon.
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there was rocky, steep, grassy terrain and that is playing a part. there are areas that are inaccessible for firefighters. >> businesses sit along the fire's edge. the hotel was forced to evacuate several hundred guest when's the fire started. crews are worried about this historic lookout tower and as more heat is expected, the next few days look to be filled with hazy skies and burning mountain side. yosemite national park officials say all entrances will be opened this weekend, but there will be no access through highway 140, and fire officials have no word yet on containment of this fire. in midpines, abc7 news. >> a lot more to bring you tonight. a federal judge upheld barry bonds' obstruction of justice charges. a day after hearing oral arguments, the judge refused to overturn the only unanimous decision reached by the jury
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in her courtroom last april. bonds is expected to appeal the decision to the 9th circuit court of appeals. the homerun king was charged with lying to a grand jury when he denied using steroids. and coming up, a threat to stop the music. how it could bring an end to a popular south bay music festival. and what workers discovered in the wall of a lake tahoe casino. that's coming up. and then late other "nightline." >> up next on "nightline" we have a special live west coast program where a storm bears down with 65 million people in the cross hairs. hurricane irene forces unprecedented evacuations and threatens damage we haven't seen in half a century or more.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to last night may have been the night the music died in san jose. the immensely popular music in the park program may be disbanded because it got too big and too violent. the future of that popular thursday night series is in jeopardy. >> this was the scene last night on a light rail, the latest skirmish surrounding
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san jose's long-running music in the park festival. >> it has been much worse. back on june 9th, five were stabbed in this parking lot, just three blocks from where the music festival was taking place. they know the problems are on the periphery of the concert and not in the park where the music is being played. >> we have seen an up tick in fights. we don't want to call it inside the venue because it is not happening in the venue. >> reporter: music in the park was designed to increase foot traffic and help business. but some are wondering if the festival is doing more harm than good. richard is a bartender at the cafe which is directly across from the concert. >> there have been times when music in the park has brought no business at all. you can see a lot of people walking around, and they want to use the bathroom a lot, and they want to get waters and things like that. >> reporter: the concert series was put on by the san jose downtown association which will be signed at this
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festival, but downtown since 1988 will continue. >> if they want to go for a different demographic, a different niche, we are going to be all ears. >> reporter: -- >> but what will those ears here? more music or the sound of silence. abc7 news. a man is still in critical condition after he was wounded and his mother killed during a home invasion robbery. richmond police say the victims interrupted two armed men who broke into their home around 4:00 this morning. the son's wife and two children were also in the house at the time of the robbery. they ran to a neighbor's home for safety. detectives are questioning two people they detained after the shooting. pg&e today proposed a multi year modernization plan. it will make the natural gas transmission system one of the safest anywhere in the country. it is plan outlines steps the
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utility intends to take to verify and upgrade the integrity of nearly all of the 6,000 miles of gas transmission pipelines to meet new standards .'s -- standards. they are now in the process of setting more stringent safety and performance requirements for natural gas utilities in the wake of the tragedy in san bruno one year ago next month. let's go back and update the weather forecast. sandhya, she will now look at the weather forecast for the weekend and hurricane irene. >> that's right. we are you can taking about warmer conditions in all areas this weekend. numbers in the 50s and 60s. 70 degrees in antioch. we do have fog out there. it is murky in spots. look for areas of dense fog and spotty drizzle overnight. hot inland and we are looking at a cooler pattern next week. we will have time to enjoy. satellite showing the showers moving in north and west of the lange lake area -- the los
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angeles area. but this moisture is going to continue to work its way northward in the overnight hours. there could be a few showers around san hue lew wis abyss spoa -- san luis obispo. here in the bay area, we are expecting high clouds to move in. we will head into the saturday afternoon with some occasional midlevel clouds filtering the sun at times for your saturday, and even into early sunday. so overnight look for temperatures primarily in the 50s. fog along the coast and over the bay. inland like antioch is clear and mild at 60 degrees. tomorrow afternoon mid80s in the south bay for san jose, campbell. 90 in los gatos and getting up to 82 in santa clara, milpitas. you will see the morning overcast burning way and 75 in san mateo and 77 in menlo park. low to mid60s at the coast. the fog will still linger. but temperatures are generally coming up for your saturday. 67 in downtown san francisco and get up to the north bay
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and you have low to mid-nineties around cloverdale and ukiah. 84 in santa rosa. head out toward the east bay, and it is really a mild day with the sunshine and the occasional high clouds. 74 in oakland. 80 for union city. head inland, and it is going to be a warm, sunny afternoon. 94 in antioch and 92 in fairfield and concord. walnut creek, pleasanton, 91. 68 in monterey. gilroy, cooking there at 94 degrees. a lot happening this weekend. we do have the indy grand prix and looking at low 80s. by sunday, the temperatures are climbing up into the mid80s with sunshine. it is going to be a hot weekend. along the coast, mild and mid60s. the temperatures start to level off and cooling right through the middle of next week. enjoy the weekend. >> you too. sandhya, thank you. a secret safe is uncovered at a lake tahoe casino, and there is a lot of speculation
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there is a lot of speculation about what is inside.
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new tool to monitor patients.
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it sticks to their skin like a tatoo. researchers developed this device that was so thin and flexible that it can be lamb ma nateed on to human skin. it can monitor the heart, brain and muscle function. the device is less invasive than current monitoring system that use electrodes. it will take a blowtorch to solve a south lake tahoe mystery. they discovered an old safe behind the wall. this including one by a safe cracker have failed and there is plenty of speculation that could be in side, diamonds and cash and the car bombing that killed a former casino owner in 1968. they expect to call in a blowtorch guy. >> how good a safe cracking guy can you be? >> it is called a blowtorch. i don't know.
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or it is called the dynamite guy. >> in sports, the giants are living on the edge every night. when runs are scarce, you better have a closer who can close, or get the blowtorch guy. i don't know. sports is next.
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it takes thousands of years and immense pressure to create a diamond similar to what the giants go through every night when they try to score a run. the giants and the astros -- who cares about the offense. i'm dancing with a girl. shake it don't break it, pops. run support is always a positive. no score until the fifth. the former astro buries his old team. two runs in and giants up 2-0. that's all they get. in the seventh and he sends tahada into the hole. thinking about going home. instead barely gets his man down at first. with brian wilson hurt, santiago like the blowtorch guy, he smokes him with a final out. the giants remain three back of the d backs who were also victorious.
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tim wakefield was stuck on 199 career wins. the a's would not let him get to 200. scott sizemore, up, up and away. 4-1a's in the fourth. there it goes again. another two-run clout and it is his 23rd of the year. a's up 8-1. blowout alert. blowout alert. they bring in their outfielder to pitch. he never had pitched before. surprised? anyway, the a's clopper had -- p clobber the socks 15-5. it is a crash course in everything silver and black. the former ohio state star participated in his first practice with the raiders. he hasn't played in a game since january. he still has to serve a five-game suspension, so it is hard to expect much from him. he will wear number six now. nobody saw loued to have number two because that number was jinxed by jamarcus russell.
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>> so wearing number two? i don't know. you tell me. i am just going off what coach tells me. >> you will wear six. in a few months, indycars will be in her rear view mirrors, but right now danica patrick is getting ready for the grand prix. she will be jumping from nascar. she leaves after seven years and one victory on that circuit. danica says she likes the road course as well as the napa valley. i feel like this is a good rit them -- rhythem track. it can be a good day for you. it can be a good weekend. off the track i look forward to the wine. >> the u.s. open is preparing and they set a guinness world record. most people bouncing tennis balls on their racket in one location. the grand total was 658, and they did it for 10 seconds.
11:32 pm
each child participating received a free wilson tennis racket. >> that is this edition of abc news. for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for watching. stay tuned for the latest on hurricane irene. have a good weekend. good night.
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